Monday, 3 September 2012

White Facet Rings Treat!

Well it's been a bit of a stressful time in life outside the workshop recently. Now that things are a bit calmer, amidst starting to catch up with the growing list of making to do I made myself down tools for a little break.

To accompany the stack of magazines I haven't even had chance to PEEP at I needed some tasty refreshment. Alcoholic beverages are probably best left til the end of the working day (so I can keep all my fingers) but as it was spontaneously sunny I fancied a lovely cold dessert. Strawberry blancmange and vanilla icecream-yum!

You lookin' at my puddin'?

To share in the good vibes, I will be offering a 20% discount on white Facet rings this month. This makes them £52 (instead of £65rrp). As well as FREE POSTAGE!!!

      HEDRON               EMERALD             ROUND POINT
Made for you, by me 
in marble & granite resin with a solid sterling silver ring band-just choose your size and style!
(Payments are made securely via Paypal)


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