Friday, 9 March 2012

Supercity at London Fashion Week A/W 2012

The second location we can escape to with the finds at Fashion Week is an urban one dominated by iconic skylines. 

Stylised, slick and suitable for the secret identity of your city job, as well as fighting crime in the streets after dark or deliciously villainous behaviour in your secret lair. 

For good or evil, these pieces all have superpowers.

London monuments reduced to miniature proportions with Paperself's shrinking ray make an entire city bow down in the flutter of an eyelash.

Joanna Stoker's heels tower over clean cut reflective buildings in her futuristic skyscraper display.

Lush marbled opalescent material and metallic fragments form the substantial heels reminding me of the interior of the Empire State building.

True skyscraper heels 


NYC's Flat Iron building becomes Peter Parker's day job in a great spoof travel poster

sheer bodycon layers from David Koma

This hero would be an expert in Judo

With a great dress comes great David Koma

This skirt is MADE to flail during highkicks

hyrogliphs and coded messages left from your alien birth-planet?

These pixelesque sequins look like they could have intelligent chamelian colour changing properties for camouflage purposes.

But what about the darker side to our Supercity...?

Bespoke milliners J. Smith Esquire have created a whole collection of awesome headgear 
for A/W entitled 
"The silhouettes of Iconic screen-glamour meet the superhero and heroine."

Is this my favourite thing ever?

here's the casual version for dress down Fridays at the Yarn Mill secret HQ
(I  presume that's where this anti hero would slink off to lick it's wounds)

check out the rest of their superhats here

to go with it how about Camilla Skovgaard's sculptural boot or even a vampy but industrial looking heel depending on the occasion? All available in"Batmobile black"

Jeweller Tomasz Donocik collaborated to make these fine leather gauntlets (they have a strong 3d shape when worn) featuring  silver details like precious dew claws. A purrrrfect accessory (and won't leave fingerprints).

So what has she got her beady eye on?

It must be the British Fashion Council's treasure filled Rock Vault, which would be too tempting for a comic book villains greed...

exhibiting inside the standalone "Vault" were some beautiful pieces by some truly amazing jewellery designers, and a continued theme of sharp city skylines with Sophie Bille Brahe.

Gorgeous displays in their own Deco jewel conservatories

Silver talons as big as buildings! 

And finally here are some amazing Villainous fashion sculptures featured at the exhibition as part of Esthetica

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