Friday, 14 September 2012

Traffic Fashion Weekend

Last night was the opening of Traffic's Fashion Weekend. Running until Saturday (15th). The gallery in Dubai will be showcasing new designers allowing them to promote and sell their work, including many of my designs available through Shoreditch Muse.  
Hewn ring, pyrite & resin available at Shoreditch Muse

The creative environment will also include a program of talks, styling events and fashion themed film screenings. 

Tonight's screening is Bill Cunningham New York (directed by Richard Press) Sept 14, 2012 | 7pm (84mins) , a cinematic profile of the New York City fashion photographer. 

Having photographed the people of the city for decades his images are a record of both street style (photographed on his bicycle routes around Manhattan) and the rich and famous, after earning himself special access to many social gatherings over the years. His humble apartment (no closet, kitchen, or own bathroom), is a treasure trove bursting with these images filling boxes and cabinets, like the botanical drawings discovering an evolution of fashion, just on a very different Island.

examples of Bill Cunningham's iconic fashion images on the streets of NYC (courtesy of Doro Design)
You can watch the trailer at  Trendland here.

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