Monday, 20 August 2012

Jelly Sandal Joy

Loving the fact that JELLY SANDALS are knocking about again, and reinvented in an easy to wear neutral palette rather than just a super kitsch sense. I'll admit here's a rather painful memory of a 9 year old with a  spaniel pup, radioactive algae and a brand spanking new pair of the silver glittery, variety.  Thankfully the lucky pooch survived for a long scampering life but the sparkly new shoes never made it home...

Jelly shoes, really tie an outfit together man...

Now is the time to move on and hopefully some upcoming lakeside camping calls for something to wade out from the hot stony shore and do some scampering of my own. I've gone for a black pair and also allocated them a pair of my Panthera Leo brooches in the white marble to make them a bit more interesting for non-holiday wear because let's face it my beach time is homoeopathic in proportion. Luckily the material makes them perfect for rainy cities too. 

The brooch backs simply feed through the loop of the buckle strap before fastening with a swivel clasp, so don't need to pierce through.

AnOther Lover's has a good write up on the background of jellies (here) including these lovely 
Chanel ones, although they seem more Blancmange than jelly...yum!

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