Wednesday, 19 September 2012

London Fashion Feast with A Sunday Service

Ok, so back in the workshop after checking out what's instore for S/S 2013 through London Fashion Week, where I met some fantastic, talented people and the enthusiastic teams that support them.
 As well as my eyes nearly popping out from all the great work on show, I had a fab time hanging out with my fellow design enthusiast friends making astronomical wish lists from the new collections.

To keep us fuelled for all this action the weekend also seemed to be full of edible treats as well as a feast for the eyes. So while I "digest" all of the stuff seen and learned over the extended weekend, here's a post about stuff we scoffed (because let's face it, sample size was never even a possibility).

Fashion Week Breakfasts (cornflakes alone just won't cut it)   

Surely the Louise Gray of the icelolly world?

Just like that must have piece from a designer/highstreet collab my favourite colourful icecream treat is often hard to come by. Found this singular frozen gem amidst a freezer of far inferior "Fabs".

In the cafe at Somerset House, my favourite collaboration was Coco avec Maison Peanut

if in doubt, get both (sharing cookies=twice the goodness)
As you sit and recharge with a tea/coffee or cold beer, nice sandwiches and lots of brownies/biscuit/pastry treats wafted under your nose (these were fresh off the oven rack, the models must have developed an immunity) you can watch the goings on as assistants bustle in the courtyard with exciting bundles of garments in plastic wrappers ready for the runway.


Whilst I was around London at the weekend, I also had the treat of a unique dining experience on a rooftop in Dalston with A Sunday Service and their breakfast in bed pop up which is running this September. Read a great review on Tricky Customers blog here.

Here's the breakfast news...


Dalston Roof Park
18 Ashwin St
E8 3DL London
United Kingdom

(If in doubt follow the carrots...)


The £8 ticket price gave you with these charming rations for your O.J, tea/coffee/choc milk and delicious breads.

Sunflower and raisin 

A monster toaster let you hang around chatting to your buddies while your bread browns exactly how you like it. Then you could delve into the amazing selection of deluxe tasty spreads selected by the folk at Le Petit Paris based on personal research on their own hangover breakfasts. Note the marmite-apparently has some good stuff in it if you are feeling a bit depleted. To get some sugar in your blood, at least three kinds of honey, Meridian wholenut spreads, local jams 'n' marms and the always popular Nutella.

"tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty you're listening to the boy from the big bad city, this is jam hot, this is jam hot"

If you fancied something more there were lovely breakfast dishes and drinks made fresh to spoil yourself with. The Little Bread Pedlar had delivered the croissants and pain au chocs (via bicycle!) 

The tea on offer was Mariage  Freres-only available in France and brought in especially for the pop up as it was the favourite of the Sunday Service gang.


Posh pop refreshments included virgin Bloody Mary's, and elderflower, lychee & raspberry concoctions to stock up on vitamins.

Atmos &
Other stuff

For those who were experienced loungers, comfy beds were on offer. Other's wishing to get stuck into proper eating rather than languid nibbling could sit at cute tables with a view of the city below.

The crowd was a mixture of partied out groups of mates recovering together and cool couples relaxing without worrying who's making the tea 'n' toast or getting crumbs down their designer duvet. 

They could also get stuck into the selection of newspapers and fab creative magazines the likes of Verity and the amazing new food journal The Gourmand.

The chilled Sunday vibe would be a great place for an unusual date. The pre-pay ticket means no worries on bill etiquette and breaks down a few barriers by sharing pots of preserve in a relaxed eating environment (and you've already got your wannabe-beau into bed).

A great event from Parisian food expert Nathalie Bénézet and designer Ann-Marie Milward, there are still two weekends of September left for you to catch this completely original morning treat. And after that, I can't wait to see what this talented team do next-I'm hungry already...

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