Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Today is the start of Iberjoya in Madrid. The massive international fashion jewellery and accessories trade fair will run until Sunday 16th September.

"IBERJOYA will present a comprehensive exhibition committed to the idea of fashion, one that maintains a perfect balance between mass-consumer collections and exclusive items, as well as offering pieces made of innovative materials and designs that offer an alternative option within an ever-changing market. The fair will also present the latest new developments in silverware items, not to mention multiple solutions and services from related industries that can be applied to the jewellery industry.
All this within a setting designed to promote trade contacts and the exchange of information, based on a forum where professionals can discover the latest jewellery collections and try out their latest products in the most secure environment possible."

What's pretty cool is that amongst all these big brands and established names you may find some rather "familiar" pieces nestled in there. :)

New "Million Dollar" Hewn ring, "better...stronger...faster"
well it costs a lot less than that and isn't bionic but it is
BIGGER and using another technique I've developed allowing
EVEN MORE lovely pyrite & can be seen at the show!

Represented by Grupo Duplex will be a collection of work that will be featuring in the 2012 edition of the Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook. So if you're in the jewellery trade and you are attending the show in Madrid keep your eye out for a Jade Mellor original. Or if, like me you're somewhere less glamorous with the occasional torrent of rain hammering on the roof (like today's monsoon!), know that there is a chunk of handmade British craft that's made it out there to rep-ra-zent.

Thursday (tomorrow as I write this) will also be Iberjoya's BLOGGER'S DAY dedicated to professional bloggers in the world of fashion, jewellery, interiors and trends, which is a great way to recognise their importance in buying/trends as that is what the show is all about. Hopefully it means there will be more coverage to check out for those of us not in the thick of it too!

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