Susie Lau featured on my work on her highly regarded fashion blog Stylebubble

Maia Adams contributer to Vogue, Elle and The Guardian, visiting lecturer at Central St. martins and co-founder of jewellery trend agency Adorn insight, featured my work on her jewellery blog, The Bibelotphile.

Tabu Magazine
Tabu Magazine Romania-Things you have to Buy

"Jewellery inspired by nature. Jade Mellor makes jewellery out of resin combined with marble, granite, pyrite or quartz. She is working with them in such a way that they remain as natural as possible at the end of the process. Any imperfection of the used materials is exploited at maximum level and the result is irresistable!!"*
*kindly translated by Shermin Ibraim

Here's a mention on Emerging Fervour  Fashion Wanted, a blog that seeks out new designers.