Thursday, 19 July 2012

Go Green

Curator's pick


Today's Curator's Pick on Not Just A Label features my hand made 
malachite bangle more details here


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Schiaparelli and Grandma: Impossible Collaborations

Only a month left to visit the amazing exhibition on at The Metropolitan museum of Modern Art Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations. I would absolutely love to go but I doubt I can schedule or budget for it at the moment.  

One of Elsa Schiaparelli's popular pieces was the trompe l'oeil sweater inspired by a two yarn technique she saw possibility in after seeing a girl wearing a top made this way. She tracked down the skilled knitters that used this "Armenian knitting" technique, (the original purpose was to give the garment elasticity, structure and strength) and used the two colours the create designs integrated into the clothing. Probably the most well known was the "Bow" style but she also designed crossword puzzles and OUTRAGEOUS X-Ray styles revealing your woollen ribs. (Yes, I WANT ONE TOO!)
Schiaparelli Sweater
I really enjoyed reading up on Schiaparelli during my degree and she has always fascinated me. Her daring, artistic approach to fashion is continually inspiring. These jumpers were just a teeny part of it but I was reminded of them this weekend when I happened upon a VERY 80'S book of designs for knitting your very own "trick of the eye" creations. Or commissioning a couture one from your Nan...

This guys got TWO cameras. Hey wait a minute-THAT'S HIS JUMPER! He must be a professional

I love everything about this

There is something really attractive about this guy...Oh wait it's just his jumper

There's a jumper for everyone

Urban Outknitters

Unofficial Merch!

I think the difference between Paris in the 30s and 80's Britain is summed up thus: 
Tongue detail

Black tie? No probs- lil' black Cocktail jumper

"Talent borrows, genius steals." Wilde, Oscar

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Gif that Keeps on Giffing

Love these trippy triangles and hypnotic hexagons by graphic designer Matt Divito.

Could be an "excellent" Wyld Stallyns album cover.

Also reminds me of how Sesame Street made consonants cool, here's the letter V's promo from the 70s!

Check out the other amazing work of Matt Divito here

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bismuth Blue

This is a bespoke Bismuth ring made especially for a very talented textiles artist and very good friend. The colours of Bismuth can vary, oxidising with pinky tones, greens, golds you name it really. This is the bluest specimen I've seen, and I knew it was the one for her.

Mayan Ruins

Bismuth is has such an unusual shape. It reminds me of ancient temples and stepped landscapes. The angular corners are so like the traditional key patterns seen in ancient cultures as well, but contrasted by an unreal petrol blue and rainbow metallics.

Here are some matching earrings I made to go with the ring, using some bismuth fragments my friend chose and supplied herself. I think I will have to make some of these for myself, there's such an array of colours concentrated in these sci-fi nuggets they would go with a lot of different things.