Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Precious Birthday Finds

These are a combination of  recent birthdays in the family. The "Ancient" bottle opener featuring a lovely little Athenian owl motif (a symbol of wisdom) I sourced for a present for my "brother-from-another-mother".

The chunk of pottery we found during my sister's birthday camp at the edge of a lovely Welsh lake. It is a mighty hefty wedge of old ceramic, be nice to get it checked out, I'll write up if/when I get round to it (even if it turns out to be just a piece of petrified biscuit. ESPECIALLY if it is a piece of petrified biscuit).

This is the lovely lake where the piece of pot was (the little white rock on the left was the anchor for the chilled champagne) :)

And that's me paddling at the front of the canoe! So much fun!

 Night Owl

Combination of getting "back to nature" and celebration bubbly resulted in an owlish eyeliner experiment with a new liquid liner I'd just bought. I like that anything goes when camping, you can become you're favourite woodland animal. You see it at festivals. Something about not having walls just helps people, erm...let their walls down...the booze and music etc helps too though probably.
a baby "Little Owl"

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