Friday, 18 May 2012

Egyptian Reggae

Lapis sculpture 200AD

 I've always loved Lapis Lazuli since an early project on the Ancient Egyptians in Primary School. I  got extra marks for also "mummifying" one of my dolls to hand in with my folder on Tutenmen*. *(I had concentrated so hard on neatly colouring in the ancient lettering on the binding I'd spelled the Boy King's name wrong). Alluding to some of the grisly processes with the shorn head and a bit of felt tip for some stylish eyeliner on little Sindy, I also used plastic trinkets won from Christmas crackers and 20p machines as the protective amulets tucked into the bindings. If we had a school counsellor I probably would have had to have a little chat.

Wednesday Addams performs a touching service for Red Riding Hood

Anyway, here are my resin and pyrite earrings inspired by the deep blues of ancient Lapis.

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