Friday, 11 May 2012

Exhibition Just Rings - Toulouse

I am THRILLED to announce that I will be exhibiting a collection of pieces at this exciting exhibition in Toulouse! 
It will run from 5th June - 5th July in the stylish gallery of Violaine Ulmer, a fantastic contemporary jeweler who's own designs stand out as unusual pieces of wearable art. The gallery can be found at 33 rue Bouquières, right in the beautiful antiques quarter of Toulouse.

Also, out of the 41 artists chosen to exhibit, there are only two others based in England, so I am proud to also be representing Blighty amongst this group of great designers.

Here is some more information from Klimt02 (INTERNATIONAL ART JEWELLERY ONLINE)

The ring - a timeless object

ring with shard and metallic

The ring exists since the beginning of time. Testimonial of an epoch and a certain way of being, it is the most
sought-after piece of adornment. Unique pieces or very limited series, all 217 rings selected for just rings, #1 are one by one handmade by the artist-artisan-designer himself. They differ in techniques and are made of diverse materials (silver, resin, ceramics, caoutchouc, steel, iron etc), but all 217 exposed rings show extraordinary quality.

Black Beam
oxidised silver, resin & copper lustre

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Lisette said...

Congratulations! What an amazing honor! Good luck ;-)