Monday, 7 November 2011

White Swan fashion show at Les Coulisses du Mariage

I returned late last night from my mini trip to Paris for the White Swan Runway Show from the contest organised by Carnet de Mode with Madame Figaro. It was held at Les Coulisses du Mariage wedding exhibition and featured my Panthera Leo white collar as a contemporary piece of wedding jewellery.

Literally meaning something along the lines of "Behind the Scenes of Marriage" the event was held in the beautiful mansion La Maison des Polytechniciens (read it's history here).

As my work was already done I could just sit and wait for the show, so backstage I kept myself busy taking photographs to share the event. So here is my post from behind the scenes of the fashion show.

entrance to the exhibition

black starry carpet

filling up with people waiting to see the show

The "Venus" dress my necklace was to be worn with by Swedish designer Camilla Wellton.

des chaussures

robes de mariƩe
a cloud of tulle!

hair and make-up

the textured Swan feather eyebrows were created using silicon and white make-up

gravity defying hair

more prep

Lily in a Grace Jones debutante style
plan of the show route

maximum accessory

queueing for the runway

tv and photographers

and here's a little vid of my piece in the show!


Gary said...

Excellent pictures! They look really glamorous in B&W.

Jade Mellor said...

Hey cheers! I thought it would fit with the theme, and as the dresses were all white anyway you don't miss any details of colour either!