Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Black Beam

Experiments on the structure of minerals. The shape of these rings is taken from a lovely chunk of Aragonite from Morocco. Usually a pinky orange in a natural state, I've cast them in black resin with varying copper lustre highlighting the surface and edges and an oxidised silver band.

The structure shows that it radiates from a central point. The texture reminds me of fossilised wood.
ring £55

The copper bangle pictured to compliment the metallic tones was originally used pre-war in agriculture made by a specialist English maker of police equipment. It's lovely and worn with a makers mark and has a screw in pin so that it opens out like a cuff but can easily be slipped on and off as a solid bangle.

Another version in a stronger copper colour

copper bangle £30


Lisette said...

These are really awesome rings!!!

I've been experimenting with resin myself but have to yet to achieve the resemblance to black coral and other natural objects like you have.

Dar Nunnery said...

I love the copper bangle you have pictured. I have never seen one and would really like to learn more of its history, if you could.


Jade Mellor said...

Hi Dar, this pre-war metal ring was originally made to tether big strong bulls. This is why it is a copper alloy, stronger than just copper alone. It is the perfect size for it's new life as a statement bangle.

I love your use of real coral Lisette, it is such a special jewel!