Thursday, 4 October 2012

Design Junction

Added Value?

"The Crafts Council launches this new touring exhibition under the umbrella of this year's London Design Festival. Through a selection of crafts gathered under six strands - materials, traditional skills, brands, bespoke, experience and everyday - the show explores the idea of value and luxury in design and crafts, asking if our understanding of the latter is being redefined by such design issues as quality and craftsmanship. Entrance is free via pre-registration at the Design Junction website."

Night At The House of Epicurus
by Oliver Ruuger
Laser cut leather attache case

Siomn Hasan Boiled Leather Mannequin for Fendi

St Pauls Cathedral Jelly Mould, Bompas & Parr, 2009
More delicious design from the refreshments of Gelupo. Their gelato concentrates on fresh flavours without heavy fat contents. For the festival they even had some exclusive flavours designed by Michael Sodeau including Spruce & Birch (a real palette cleanser plunging your senses into a dense forest after heavy rain) and pine nut & fennel (tasty and textured)

here's the link to check out today's flavours

I deciced on
Blood Orange with Fig & Vanilla, nicest ices ever
check out the wolfy wafer too!

At London Design Festival 19 - 23rd September

Newspaper especially made for the designers in residence at Design Junction

beautiful blocks

recognising a useful tool by crafting them beautifully in a range of materials

These robust rulers by Kukka are made from reclaimed floor tiles, which themselves are used to measure as they are a standard 20cmx20cm. Recognising and celebrating their use by turning them into legitimate measuring objects.

great geometric displays

rocky shelves, lighter than their rugged appearance suggests

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