Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Escape in the Beautiful Briny Sea with London Fashion week

Here is the first location of our getaway. Astrology wise now is the time of Aquarius and Pisces. These are some designers I felt were drawing on luxurious underwater themes for Autumn/Winter 2012 ready to pack in your silk lined trunk for a voyage on a Deco Cruise Liner.

Let's set sail!

Holly Fulton Coral motif and anemone frond fringing

Holly Fulton necklace coral and pearly shimmer in a bold Deco shape

shell pink and monochrome a sweet sixties feel in bold geometric prints

comfy but stylish for the ships bar lounge

modern plastics in geometric shapes 
furnished with organic seashells 
the limited colour palette keeps them slick 

The faceted cut of this blue decoration makes it look luminescent, will be even more glowy in the outdoor sunshine on deck

Wet look and pearlescent materials used for Holly Fulton bags

Fuzzy Algae, aqua and sparkly silver for Michael Van Der Ham's clutch bag

"What if the octopus
The flounder and the cod
Think we're rather odd
It's fun to promenade"

Beautiful, decadent sequinned dresses from James Long. More sparkly than an overflowing treasure chest in colours emulating the jewelled scales of tropical fish.
Sequin Scales

Fannie Schiovanni's cuff comes alive as it wraps around your wrist, with shiny layers like giant fishscales.

Seashell Prints on fluid silks by
Holly Fulton

"It's grand
When you're dancing on the sand"

Intriguing fabric layers of  blossom
floating on froth in coral and shell pink

"Each glance 
Bubbles over with romance"

More layered treats from Michael Van Der Ham combining colours and textures.

"It's lovely bobbing along, 
Bobbing along through the water where we get along swimmingly
Far from the frenzy of the frantic world above"

Pretty corals, rippling layers
perfect to dine with the captain and
Michael Van Der Ham

"Two beneath the blue
Could even fall in love"

Glittering shingle beaches & inky midnight oceans
(yep that's my hand  lusting after it complete with Hewn ring)
Twinkling glitter sands and pale aqua
Michael Van Der Ham

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