Sunday, 18 September 2011

Fun in Wales!

Yesterday was the Cymru Contemporary Craft Fair, part of the event of open studios and art events that are still on going in North Wales as part of Helfa Gelf.

Now that I'm back in the countryside for a few months it was nice to be part of an event which brings local makers together and connects them to the public.

There was a great atmosphere and lots of different disciplines with a mixture of new graduate designers and other experienced makers demonstrating their skills.

This was all amidst the beautiful music of a harpist which was a real treat.

There was some moments of challenging weather but the lovely bunting bedecked marquee stood firm and we even got some sunshine!

I had to check out some of the local sights while I was there such as...GREAT BRITAIN'S smallest HOUSE!

Check out the bin used for scale. The house really is tiny. (There was a pic with me on too but the bin was better to show the scale as for all you know I could be a giant so could have been a trick)

Conwy delicacies(triple choc & honeycomb)

A big thanks to the Buckley/Mellor crew, Catrin Mostyn Jones and everyone else that got helped to make the event happen and all the fab people I got to meet on the day!

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