Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Blue skies and green grass

Today was the first slice of sunshine I have seen in Manchester for a loooong time. So here is some new work in colours that beckon the freshness of green grass and bright blue skies
Light Blue Hewn rings with glass beading and Swaravski crystal

Hewn rings with opal

Green Hewn rings with copper glass beading, pyrite and quartz

I also saw these colours in America last year, on a tour of the Governor's Mansion in Colonial Williamsburg.
the Bright Blue Ballroom
"The Ballroom of the Governor's Palace was said to be one of the finest rooms in Williamsburg. Portraits of Royalty hang from the brightly painted walls. In this room the elite of society would gather to celebrate special occasions with music and dancing."

the Supper Room
"The supper room was used by hosts and guests after an evening of dancing. The guests would retire to the Supper room and await the evening's close." After an evening of dancing nowadays, I think the closest thing to a "Supper Room" for most people would be the takeaway shop on the way home.

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noma guru said...

Very interesting and beautiful works!