Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Beatles

As I said in my last post, I seem to have been making in pairs of late. I made these two little fellas after being inspired by an ancient Egyptian scarab amulet necklace I saw recently. There's a lot of great bug jewellery around at the moment, both vintage and current.

Researching the original Ancient scarabs, I found that the very early ones were very simple suggestions of a beetle form which I found very pleasing as if worn away by time until only the most basic features remained.

These two chaps I saw in the Museum of Natural History in New York are incredibly old (I can't remember exactly HOW old, but VERY OLD) and all that's necessary are a couple of marks to distinguish the two as representing human figures and even enough to give them personalities I think. (A small and surly character with a big, joyful friend, ancient predecessors of Ren and Stimpy??)

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Rar Traum said...

such a great forms - simple, and primitive in a good way, only few genious lines and we have a beetle :)