Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Luna Modules

Many many thanks to Susie for posting my work on her blog Her passion and joy bring encouragement and inspiration. one of my recent finds was this old astronomy book. It's mighty hefty and feature some great plates-photos and hand drawn interpretations of what's above us. What I love about resin is the different textures, as I mix it up by hand the air bubbles take on beautiful patterns which when I polish them up and added the silver pigment it reminded me of some sort of moon lake. New Facet Pendants in silvers and greys-nice with the silver chains I think, but will make some on oxidised to bring out the black edge details.

This was me playing with the camera function, like the eerie glow of the metallic finish and how it highlights the crisp edges.

This is the actual colour realistic pic though, shades from aluminum to gun metal grey

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Rar Traum said...

I adore your works, so unique and interesting. I'm also jewlery maker inspired by nature, cosmos, your jewellery is really my style. :)
Waiting for more.